Blue Mold

Bluish gray lesions on tobacco caused by Peronspora tabacina

Peronospora tabacina causes blue mold of tobacco. The pathogen causes chlorotic lesions on the tobacco leaf and bluish-gray sporangiospores can be observed on the underside of a tobacco leaf. A systemic disease in plants can also occur. Brown necrosis of the stems and stunting can occur.  The ultimate goals of this research are to improve the detection and diagnosis of tobacco blue mold by developing new strategies to anticipate, prevent, and respond to the threat of disease. The specific objectives of the project are to: (1) collect and preserve blue mold isolates from epidemics in NC and the US; (2) use PCR technology for the identification of the tobacco blue mold pathogen Peronospora tabacina and other pathogens that infect tobacco; (3) examine the population structure and track migrations of the pathogen; (4) evaluate the resistance of tobacco cultivars to the disease; and (5) evaluate the use of SSR markers for genotyping isolates.

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