Current Lab Members

The lab in 2022 at the opening of the  new Plant Science building. From left to right: former postdoc Tatsiana Shymanovich, Amanda Mainello, Allison Coomber, Jean Ristaino and Amanda Saville.

Not shown, Inga Meadows or Jyotsna Acharya

Amanda Saville  is the lab manager and works on a variety of projects involving  mostly Phytophthora infestans.

Allison Coomber is a PhD graduate student in functional Genomics. She worked on a project to understand the evoltuion of virulence in Phytophthora infestans. She has also develoed a T-BAS phylogentic tool for Emerging Phytophthora species. Allison defended her thesis in the fall of 2024 and is a recent graduate!

Amanda Maniello is a plant pathology PhD graduate student working on a project to develop LAMP detection diagnostics for two invaisive Phytophthora species, P. ramorum and P kernoviae. She is also  developig a TBAS phylogenetic tool for P ramorum and studying papthogen population structure in Ireland

PhD student Inga Meadows. Inga is a full time extention faculty member in DEPP based in Waynesville NC. She is working on a project to survey ornamental greehouses for Phytophthora species and provide management solutions to ornamental and nursery growers .