Current Lab Members



The lab in 2015-16. Chris Lagley, Racheal Guenter, Melodi Charles (back row) and Ryann Rossi, Jean Ristaino and Amanda Saville (front row)

Amanda Saville -Lab Manager
Zayda Reyes, Visiting Scholar from Honduras Foundation for Agricultural Research
Ryann Rossi , Graduate student in Applied Ecology. She is working with Criag Layman and my lab on a foliar pathogen that causes mangrove decline in the Bahamas
Rachael Guenter is an undergraduate in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. She is working on improving the GIS capabilities of USAblight
Emma Malka is an undergraduate in Biology. She is working on a plant assay on tomato for resistance to Phytophthora infestans
Anne Njoroge, Visiting Scholar from the International Potato Center (CIP), Kenya. Anne is deploying the late blight LAMP assay in Uganda