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American Phytopathological Society APSNet

American Society for Microbiology

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Oomycete and genomics databases:


Tobacco Blue Mold Forecasting Center

Phytophthora database Mtgenome Sequence

P. infestans National Center for Biotechnology

Information: Genbank

Phytophthora Database

UCR Phytophthora Infestans Genome Project

Important Plant and Mycological Herbaria

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Tom Volk’s Fungi

Farlow Herbarium and Archives, Harvard University Mycological Herbarium

Resources on the internet:

Collections Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, England Systematic Botany and Mycology Lab

The Irish Potato Famine- History

Eastburn, D. M., D’Arcy, C. J. 1996. Late Blight and the Irish Potato Famine

D’Arcy, C.J. and D.M. Eastburn. 2000. Late blight. Plants, Pathogens, and People website

Views of the Famine A Commemoration of the Great Famine (Ireland 1845)

Late Blight of Potato – the disease

Powelson, M.L. and D.A. Inglis. 1998. Potato late blight: Live on the internet.

Late blight of potato and tomato. The Plant Health Instructor

International Potato Center The On-line Field Guide to Potato Late Blight General Plant Pathology Schumann, G.L. and C.A. Jasalavich. 2000.

Water molds (oomycetes). The Plant Health Instructor

The Plant Pathology Internet Guide Book by Thorsten Kraska

Molecular and Bioinformatics Tools:

Molecular Biology Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Dolan DNA Learning Center

PCR Jump Station

SNAP Work Bench