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A new way to fight crop diseases with a smart phone

NC State developing new technology that will help farmers detect plant diseases

Scientists are fighting for the Stricken Pickle Against a Tricky Disease,  NPR The SALT, Dec. 14 2018

Crop Diseases that Threaten your Breakfast: A panel discusssion at Harvard, July 31, 2018

Anne Njoroge from CIP Kenya spends Borlaug Fellowship in Ristaino Lab

See Jeans Webinar presented at FAO Rome in April 2018 on Emerging Plant Disease: A Threat to Global Food Security

Emerging Diseases Threaten Food Security and Your Breakfast, RTP 180, August 23, 2016. Video link

Emerging Plant Disease in the Context of Ecosystem Services- US Department of State, April 13, 2013 Video link

Emerging Plant Disease: Tackling Global Challenges Agrilinks Video

Genetic Engineering and Society Colloquium. Nov. 4, 2014, Video link

AgriLinks Interview with Jan Leach, June 20, 2013, Video Link

Major Contributions of Early Women Plant Pathologist to our Science: Strategies, Struggles and Success, July 29, 2008, Video Link

CNN Global Challenges Film- Global_56k

Television interview on late blight research –Main_T1


Perspectives from Plant Pathologists, Centennial Meeting July 2008, Podcast 

Boston Museum of Science Podcast

Pioneering Woman Scientist Eva Sansome Podcast

Potato Famines DNA Deciphered, Sept 18, 2008 Podcast

NPR radio interview with Dr. Jean Ristaino and Richard Harris

Press releases

Portable Tech sniffs out plant diseases in the field, July 29, 2019

New Microneedle Technique Speeds Plant Disease Detection, June 10, 2019

Patterson and Ristaino receive awards for international impact, April 29, 2019

Jean Ristaino wins 2019 NC State Global Engagement Award, April 24, 2019

Faculty Focus: Jean Ristaino wins Fulbright Award

Washington Post, Genetics Say Origin of Irish potato blight was South America, newspaper link

Study Provides Evidence on Movement of Potato Famine Pathogen, Dec 28, 2016. Press release link

CALS Professor to Speak at Darwin Day, Febuary 8, 2016, Press release link 

Study Provides More Evidence Irish Potato Famine Causing Pathogen Originated in South America,  Press release Link

Irish Potato Famine Pathogen More Virulent then Ever, Press release link

Interns learn valuable life lessons studying tropical plant pathology in Costa Rica, March 2, 2013, Press release link

Ristaino Named Jefferson Fellow at State Department, July 20, 2012, Press release link

Taking the bite out of blight, April 7, 2011, Press release link

Potato Famine Research Exhibit on Display at the US Botanic Gardens,  Sept, 3, 2010, Press release link

ABC News Samples from Irish potato blight may shed light on Crop Killer, Press release

Researcher Identifies Pathogen Strain responsible for the Irish Potato Famine, press release

Smithsoniam Magazine, The Sherlock of Spuds:

Smithsoniam MagazineScientists finally pinpoint the pathogen that caused the Irish potato famine

National Geographic News Magazine

PCR Amplification of the Irish Potato Famine Pathogen from Historic Specimens

Forensics Shifts Blame for Blight, Nature News

Museum piece: PCR identifies Irish Potato Famine Pathogen Nature Highlights

DNA Evidence Calls Irish Potato Famine Theory into Question, EurekAlert

 Beyond Jurassic Park: Real Science with Ancient DNA, Press release

ASM Microbe World, Tracking the fungus behind the famine, Press release

Wired- The Famine: Mexico Off the Hook, Press release

USA Today – Irish Potato famine caused by unidentified fungus press release

Studying the Historic Migrations of the Irish Potato Famine Pathogen using Ancient DNA Trends in Plant Science Trends in Plant Science Note